Dear life,

It’s been a roller coaster ride for you as well as for me. I know, how much you enjoy it, but do you even know how I feel ❓


When were busy throwing stones at me, i constantly try to save myself from your sincere efforts to bring me down.


For every rose 🌹 i ever wished to pick, you choose to hurt me with its thrones. For every love πŸ–€, i wished to deliver, you tore it down into pieces


Every time, i thought to dance in the rain, you filled my happiness with thunder and storms 🌩when I gathered the courage to fly, you choose to rip my wings.

And despite of every difficult time you choose to give me, I trusted you!

I thought that the intention behind everything you did was to make me strong. But, I was wrong. I was too gullible for having believed in you. I relied on you, for all the false hopes you shaped for me.


But, not anymore. Now that I realized, I was expecting too much out of nothing, I hereby choose to be free.

No matter, how hard you try to make me believed in hatred, I choose love. I choose to never fall to your false believes.

I choose to liberate myself from all the possible pains you wish to render upon me.


I choose to let myself free from the toxic energies you wish to surround me with. I choose to drape myself in the brightness of positivity no matter how hard you push me, into the darkest tunnel. I choose to embrace my flaws, my mistake, no matter how ugly you make it.

I choose to secure my soul from your constant attacks to shread it apart.

Today, I choose to be myself. I choose to be happy πŸ™‚




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