“Stoner”? “Pothead”?

Being a girl, I’ve always had more guy friends than girls. Growing up with boys has not only made me adventurous in every aspect of my life but added an essence to it. Lately, I am out of touch with everyone of them. But this thing about girls smoking and getting high keeps bugging me all the time. They describe such girls in a way where I end up getting all those mixed feelings and goosebumps in particular.

Nowadays, girls who smoke and drink are always termed as “hoes”, “stoners”, “potheads”. Everybody becomes judgemental over this. Like I myself am a smoker and I drink occasionally when I hang out with these guy friends and end up hearing them talk bullshit about girls who do so. Since I am their friend they treat me really well, but what if we were strangers and they talk bullshit about me and start judging me and all other girls who do so?

Just because I smoke and get high doesn’t mean I am feelingless. It’s not cool at all. It’s not even showing off at some point. It’s just how it is. An addiction. An escape for few and fun for others. But both girls and boys are disliked when they do so. Like there is no other option except for getting rid of it or you’ll loose your dear ones.

So am I supposed to stop smoking and drinking so that I won’t loose my beloved ones because I know that I will. Do I really have to? Apart from health issues or those paranormal state I’ll be in, I am the same old me. Why do you hesitate to accept the new me?


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