The beauty of being screwed

It was this bit when I realised I was screwed. Bigtime!! No friends, no one that I knew of was within sight but a long trail down the landscape area. The panorama was lifeless yet very heavenly and the only thing to make it through my ears was the sound of strong waves of wind and heavy breathing. I had to pass through a *two minutes long – 60° downward – slippery way. One wrong step and I’d be rolling 800m down.

I decided to rest and took a glance at the beautiful landscape along with @johnmayer ‘s “You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me”. It was spine-chilling and so delightful that I didn’t want to forget it so I took this picture. Strong wind messing with  my hair. A true luxury. I was free.


Song name : You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me

Artist : John Mayer

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