My first meet

Those moments just give me bliss while I remember my first meet with you . Literally it was amazing day and will be treasured in my heart for forever . I do remember those fresh breeze blowing down my nose , those chill on spine  with heavy excitement to meet a stranger and I still recall that wonderful day when you stood in front of me with cheeky smile on your face .

Awwwwww hell ya it still flutters my heart and gives butterflies in my stomach .Yes it was 8th mangsir of 2073. Soon at 4:30 pm  I woke up from a quick nap . It was usual day with unusual feelings how to end up to meet a stranger. Full of excitement , curiosity and anxiety. I got ready and head out to meet him . I was waiting him down to vaxos location. I got many mixed feelings how to talk with guy who is totally unknown though we have chatted in Facebook. He and vaxo came across to me . He stopped his scooter 🛴  and turned around me . At that time My skin changed totally red and I was sweating in those winter as well , my ears were hot . I get in scooter we headed toward swoyambhu nath stupa .

I was totally blank , what to talk , how to talk . I got no ideas whether to address him senior or just like friend .

We both were in maze . What to talk ??

Gradually he started to chat with me . I was blushing . We slowly and slowllly continued our conversation. Then we promised to meet up tomorrow as well .

That day will always be my best day after my birthday 😂😘.

I do love you MIRROR


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