My Chitlang Escapade

As i was exploring the corner of these hills, a self intriguing question aroused in my head , “why am i traveling, has traveling become a conquest for me.”

With the growing trend of traveling i try to keep my purpose intangible. As for me, traveling is all about blending in with the nature. like a paint in the water. Here, in chitlang 28km away from my home town far from my comfort zone,in the lap of hills, i am trying to blend in the mist,merge with the nature and be one.

My journey to chitlang was a challenging one. It began from mouth of a jungle with stone carved stairs all the way deep inside to the slippery path of jungle. There was heavy rainfall a day before so the stairs were slippery and i almost tripped many times. But it didn’t stopped me or shook my intentions and i moved on. It felt like my effort started showing color, when i had the first glimpse of a rhododendron, it was my first time witnessing a rhododendron in the wild, so it meant something to me. Along with that, the incidence of light from the trees lit up my mood and i felt like the tall trees were bending over to welcome me. The fresh air of hills purified my lungs and i felt rejuvenated as i inhaled the cold fresh air, taking shade beneath the blue sky, following the mist as they slowly stretched their arms to wrap the hills like a baby.

The freshness followed me like a shadow and when i reached the village where i would stay, i felt nothing but warm welcome. The houses were drenched in the rain and droplets of water were falling from the roof. I was sipping my warm tea while listening to the cold rhythmic pounding playing from the roof. I was wondering if it could get any better. Then in the evening our host introduced us to a bbq party . The warmth of fire after a heavy rain was not the only thing that made me write but the chicken bbq followed by it. I know bbq is not a big deal, but trust me when you get a super delicious local chicken bbq after a cold rainfall beside the warmth of dying charcoal accompanied by the twinkling stars, it becomes special.

After the night of twinkling stars morning came with a smiling sun and white clouds swam in the blue sky. As i said hello to those clouds i knew it was time to go home but i couldn’t just leave . So i carried them back with me to my home and placed them safely in my diary.

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