It was hard at the very first

“It’s over” he didn’t even have that much of courageous say it on her face instead he go behind her back with some other girl. Posting it up online that you’re in a new relationship. “ how did it happen so quick” She asked her self.

Perhaps She wasn’t good enough, She thought. But oh wait a big wave of reality crashes her. She trusted him a lot. She love him a bit too much then myself. She forgot not everyone on earth are caring. She recalls

She trusted before when he said- he was going through tough times. But the truth came out “I cheated on you 5 months in to the relationship” he says., After being together for a year and a month.”

“ I swear I fix it up please give me another chance” he added along “I trust you now and then, everyone makes mistakes. It’s love it happens she replies

But now she stand tell herself to be strong and the strongest. She doesn’t spill a single tear. Instead she smiles staring at her phone and tells herself “at least they are happy together” All she ever wanted was to see him happy.