Karma’s a bitch….!

This katha goes back to a time in my life when I had my heart broken but had to act as if nothing had happened…!

So after the beautiful school life everyone where like”babu k padhchau ta?” And being the guy I am I really hadn’t planned anything.So days passed away and the day of entrance came.I Met some of my old friends in a college while I went for the examination. It seems that a girl that I had  crushed hard on in my childhood days came to take the examination.

So we finished our examination and like days passed on. And it seems we both picked the same college to study our +2. The first day, I was a bit late for the class and suprisingly she too was late. So as I entered in from the gate I saw her waving me. I went and talk with her. She told me that she couldn’t recognize me as I had lost some weights.

In the break time on the same day the girl I had crushed on introduced me to her friends. ( I can’t use name so lets say

m= girl I crushed on

C= the girl that had a crush on me

P=the girl who my friend found attractive

J=childhood best friend of c  )

So I still had a crush on m. I couldn’t confront her but couldn’t really deny to my friends . We had a leisure period and so me and my friends decided on playing futsal. So we were playing the game meanwhile c comes to me and say “aja ma mamaghar jani ho ani timro ghar jani bato tira ho so let’s go together”. I couldn’t say no and it would be a douche move so I nodded my head yes and so we went home together. She asked me why I won’t go talk with her and I replied that I really don’t know. So later that day she add me on fb and we began texting back and forth. I found out she liked me but I couldn’t feel the say way as m was all I could think of. Days passed and I found that m was in a relationship with one of my old friend. I was broken that day stared at the mirror and kept watching for mins after mins.

Days passed my normal self was back. Me and c had exchanged our numbers till then but still I had no real feelings for her. Later I failed my physics examination and had to study a extra class. I find it quite funny that she too joined the extra class. I began sitting behind her during classes and we would flirt sometimes. I enjoyed being with her slowly.

Life is full of suprises. Funnily she had a boyfriend and so I had to step back. I started laughing at my condition. Started question why my life sucked this much.

After that incident I didn’ bother talking with girls. I started being the joker of the class . Making my bros laugh made me happy so I started doing weird stuffs just to make them happy. As my studies were poor this made me one of the worst student in the graderoom.

Funnily I passed my final examination and during the second year we went on a tour.During the c started being closed to me. I couldn’t resist talking to her . We would walk together for hours. She and the other girls would come to our room and we would talk the whole night. It seems she still had a crush on me and I felt like found someone whom I can share all my stuffs . I didn’ knew she was still with a guy during this period. After we  came back she texted me she had a crush on me and told me it’ just a crush so don’ get it twisted. I was hurt but thought I think she made it clear so it’ not that bad. Her boyfriend found about this and started acting weird. She was all stressed out . The next day she called me outside the boundary of the college. She told me that she loved me and would wanna be with me. We huged and promised to keep it a secret.

It seems she had a argument with her boyfriend and he had text a lot of harsh things. I wanted to help her but couldn’t as anything I would do would only make the matter even worse. So days passed and c and her bf didn’ talk. After a while in the morning we arrived to study our extra classes. She took me to the top floor of the building and confessed that she doesn’t want to be together with her bf anymore.She wanted to be with me,we hugged each other and then we kissed. Felt like I had found the love of my life. We were in a relationship for a month then one day I still remember late night I received a call. So I quickly called back she told me to come online. Then she explained that it wasn’t working out. She didn’t wanted to continue this anymore she said . We texted till early 2 in the morning. I was completely broken at that point but didn’t wanted to create more problems for her so we agreed on the breakup. Even today it makes me sad when I come across her pics or when our eyes randomly meet. I would lock myself inside my room and keep punching the wall cause I was frustrated with my life. I believed that love was powerful, it would always be victorious but after this incident my faith in love was nearly gone. I started feeling that my life had no value would had anxiety attacks,couldn’t sleep cause the whole scenario would continue to keep repeating and at a point I even considered sucide.

Rn I hadn’t completely gotten over c yet but my life has gotten better and it’s all thanks to my friends who were really there for me when I needed them the most. If my friends had cared less I think today I would be in depression. The little things they did really helped me get over a tough period in my life. Value the things you have rn who knows tomorrow you could be begging for the luxury you have today.




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