My katha goes back years ago when I was in middle school. I am a newar and everyone know how strict some newar parents are when it comes to relationships. My story is about when I was in hostel some years back and I had a tamang girlfriend. So I possibly couldn’t tell my parents that I had a girlfriend of a different caste.
One day we had sex without any protection at school. I was young back then so I didn’t think of the possibility of her getting pregnant. We were still in a relationship for 4 months more and one day she suddenly tells me that she’s pregnant. I didn’t know what to do And after few days the authorities at school found out about it. They called our parents and expelled us from the school. I was really afraid about how my parents would react to this situation. My father immediately kicked me out of the house. Apparently, my girlfriend’s parents were fine with their daughter getting pregnant. Then her parents arranged our marriage and I was married boy who hadn’t completed his SLC. Even today I live in her house since my father won’t take us in. People still talk about me as the boy who got a girl pregnant at such a young age, but what I don’t understand is, why am I the only one getting criticized? Its not like I raped her, so how am I the only one at fault here. I only knew about it when she was already 4 months pregnant and so we couldn’t get a abortion. But I didn’t complain as I knew I had to take responsibility for my actions. Now because I don’t have education, I can’t even get a proper job. One wrong step turned my life upside down.


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