Loss of beloved one

How do we feel when someone very close  departs in a vain? Its like having spring season without any cherry blossoms, its like someone has asked you to live in the land without oxygen. It is the worst feeling that you can ever feel. One night she went away from me and i couldn’t even feel that she isn’t with me anymore. It was the turning point of my life. I was used to her smile, her voice,her anger, her love. The warmth in her hug was like the rays of sun in an early winter morning which provided energy for the whole day. She was my chef, she was my care taker, she was my ideal, she was a tutor and she was a multitalented women whom this world called with name mother. I was habituated to wake up early in the morning with her sweet melodious voice and get a 5 stared breakfast ready in the table before i could even open my eyes properly. Instead of living her life happily she lived her life for me and worked as if she was a maid in the house. I know she was very tired working the whole day but she didnt even show an inch of sorrow in her face cause she knew seeing her fall down i would get discouraged which wasn’t even in her options list. But with her departure the sweet melodious voice has changed into the annoying sound of alarm clock ; the 5 star breakfast has changed into the tasteless food of hotels and my life has changed from a prince to the beggar who cant even adore to see the dreams. Someone has said it perfect that u wont feel the importance of people nearby you unless they go away and it perfectly reflects for me. Though she was the best mom i wasnt good to her. She served as a maid and i made her feel that she was maid with my behaviours. She always prayed to god so that i won’t even face any problems and i couldn’t even realise that the god  was infront of me in the form of my mother. It has already been 3 years since she left me and i still think it as a bad dream which will end by the morning. I know i can’t change the past but i always pray to god to deliver my five words to my mom who is in the form of brightest star in the sky. “Thank you mom for everything”. How did we feel in our childhood when someone would snatch a piece of chocolate from us; i am having the same feeling right now and always will because a man is always a child infont of his mom and she is the piece of chocolate i would never want to lose.