Abusive parents

Im a teenager who often get scolded or abused by my parents for their satisfaction. They use words like muji, machikni , randi ko baan and some more. They are crazy all they know is money money and money they cant see me happy. Ive tried to commit sucide aswell but i cant because there are few peoples i love.

Today 12 jan 2018 they came home late and its a cold day so i was sitting infront of the heater my mom came and started shouting she was talking bout the money then my dad came in my room grabbed my hair and dragged me away from heater threw different objects at me and i was there helpless. They’re the reason im sucidal and into drugs. They cant see me happy not a bit all they care is money and money and honestly they must be awarded as the best judgers case they cant stop judging .

I really dont know how much can i control this but i may really commit a sucide but if i dont i promise to be the best parent any child would dream of #999