I was in Grade X. I was a good student. I never talked with teachers frankly. I only asked the problems with teachers. Nothing more than that. So every teachers thought I was very good.

We all had tution after class, of 2 hours. But we get some time to have snacks. Our class was in ground floor. The room was dark. There were windows only in one side. It was also covered by bar. We had to go to another class for tution.

That day our class had ended. Then, we had to go to the another class for tution. I was the last one in the class in girls. One of the most handsome friend of mine, The Head Boy was also there along with some other boys. Then, he asked me to dance with him. He had brought a mobile(although electronic gadgets were not allowed). He played a romantic song. He told me that it was a dare. When we were dancing, I felt like the other boys were not there. It was like only me and him. Then, I turned around and saw that our science teacher was observing us and then I heard a bell and found that it was just a dream. The bell was my alarm. I just felt so much relief.  

I didnot tell anyone about it. But exactly after a week, I played truth and dare with some of my friends in a free period. I got three dares. But it was all same, singing a song by catching the hand of three boys turnwise. It included my dream’s boy too. The song was given to me. It’s a Nepali song by Naren Limbu named “Suna”.  I agreed because I had to. So, I did all my dares in lunch time but the time when I did my dare with the head boy, my one friend(from whom I got the dare) was not there. So, she said me to do that again. I didn’t agree at first but then I agreed because everyone forced me.

The classes ended well. It was the dare time. I catched his hand. Then, the friend who gave me the dare catched tightly the joined hand of ours. Some of my friends started teasing me by acting how I did in lunch time. Some of my friends were observing us and some were making noise. Few of them were out of the class. I sang the song. I sang two verses and said its done but my dare giver said its not done. So, again I continued. But when I was singing I saw my friend who was out of the class doing some sign by her hand. I couldnot understand her. So, I just observerd whole class and near the door I saw the same science teacher of the dream who was in the crowd along with my friends, observing us and smiling. I stopped singing. I was stunned for a moment. My face started becoming red as my face’s temperature started growing. Then, maybe because I stopped singing everyone noticed him. Everyone started leaving the class one bye one. My dare giver , me and the teacher was left. We just were not seeing him because we had turned back. The teacher left the class. Me and my friend couldnot do anything. So we went to the tution. In the whole period of tution I thought about my incident and the dream and related them. Also, I thought that if he would complain it to the the higher authorities everything woud spoil.

The next day, I couldnot face the teacher. My friend helped me. She was The Head Girl. She told him that it was a dare given by her. So he forgived us. Then, I got relief. But after that incident till today I started getting teased by my every friends by that song.