Not a story

Call it a story if you can but this is just a collection of random thoughts and words that felt to be expressed. So you guys can get bored of reading what I am writing but that’s completely fine after all who would prefer to read random thoughts over a story, right?

Okay so everything apart; How many of you guys think that your life isn’t going through to the path that you wanted it to walk on? I think almost everyone of you reading this. Because what we dream of our life to be it can never be the same in real. What we wish for doesn’t turn out to be 100% true but still we accept the circumstances and adjust,right? Then why not the same with life? Why do we have to get jealous and greedy over something that no one has and no one can ever have? Even the one whom you think has a perfect life points out thousands of flaws in her/his own life. So instead of dreaming to have 100% perfect life Work hard to have a life that’s 90% of perfection because trust me experiencing 90% in real life is much greater than imagining 100% perfection. AND plus you yourself are the reason of your happiness don’t let any other person take that away from you. What if you’re single or have no friends? You can go out chill with yourself and self gift yourself. You deserve the happiness that you’re starving for and only you can fill in your hunger of happiness. Happy New year 2018 and have a great year ahead.😊