It disgusts me that even today. The 21st century as we call it. We still have such  narrow minded thoughts. I just read the katha of the guy who is depressed because he is called gay by his friends. First thing first i am not capitalising the word gay because it is a perfectly normal word gay. As normal as straight or bisexaual or whatever the  make believe label the world has given us.

Do people realise how much their words can hurt a person? I mean it is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. I know this is not a story but I would really like to address the fact that people other than you have feelings too. One of the main reason every 1 in 5 teenagers commit suicide nowadays is that instead of uplifting each other all we do is mock each others feelings. It  leads us to think noone understands. We always say the generation gap doesnt allow us to be as open to parents as we are to our friends. But where does a person go when the same age group of people dont understand him even more? You never know what the other person  is going  through. Be nice. And listen.


Being gay is normal. You  laughing at the word gay is you laughing at every person belonging to the LGBT community.  Dont be ashamed for being called gay. Even if any of you are if nobody else I will support you. And  You sure as hell dont have to care about what people in the road think of you. You will probably never see them again. You should know who you are. Be what makes you happy. And most importantly fight for yourself. Tell them u dont feel comfortable being called gay. Tell them you dont feel comfortable being called straight. If a straight person can be ashamed of being called gay. Why cant a gay person be ashamed for being called straight? If your friends dont understand they dont deserve to be your friend. Any person that makes you feel uncomfortable in your own skin  DOESNT deserve to be in your life.


Stop bullying guys. Its high time we start having empathy. You might say if we dont make fun of friends who will? Thats what friends do. But having fun and destroying a person’s mental health are two different things. With the alarming increase in suicide rate which we  are all aware of I think we all agree some things need to change.😊



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