Ride through Depression

In quotes its said that, ‘I’ is the strongest thing in this world. If u believe in yourself then u can defeat this world. Well in my case i guess its only limited to the quote only. I am a boy(or the man in the future) and i have gone through a stage in life called depression(which i guess i still am in). So my story isn’t about relationships and stuffs but my story is about how a boy who is trying to be a man is gradually breaking down in his attempt.

I am usually silent(which doesnt mean i dont talk) and sensitive person. The person who always wakes up brushes teeth and then carries a fake smile on the face for the whole day. I dont show much about how i am feeling to the world(mainly when i am sad) because there are some peoples who are waiting to break u even more. So even if i am sad, angry i always carry a smile face and show that i dont mind.

The reason i am depressed(the current one) is that my friends at my school call me GAY. If i was gay then i would have accepted the fact but i am not a GAY. As i had said i am a sensitive person it really really gets me down. But what gets me down more is the fact that they call me GAY even in the public. Even the peoples around me give me a nasty look thinking that i am gay. I show that i dont care but deep inside it hurts my feelings when i am called a GAY. It lowers my self esteem and throws me on the floor really hard. At times i think i should be that much hurt they are just joking but the inside me doesnt accepts it. It just keeps on crying and crying and desperately begs someone to take me out of this mess which keeps on dragging me down and breaking me apart. I try to fight but i end up getting frustrated and then the ‘I’ of me geadually gives up.

I am tired of carrying a fake smile on my face everyday. I want to live as me, the real me.


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