The following Spirit

Well I don’t know how many of you believe in spirits but the thing i have gone through has made me somehow believe a little in it.. This story is about 6 years back when i was in grade 7. I used to stay in hostel so there would be like vacations time to time. So in one of the vacation i had fallen sick really bad. I went to the hospital for check up and they gave some medicines but it didn’t work. So as my family believes in witch doctor we went there.

I was shocked when the witch doctor told me that one spirit has been following me and it will only stop me following when i will be 14 years and that time i was 13 years old. And the witch doctor also told me to stay safe as the spirit wants to harm me and even wants me dead.. I was totally shocked and scared .. the witch doctor told my mother to do some puja for me ..

Fast forward some days later I was feeling much better and was ready to go hostel. My uncle told me to drop me back to my hostel so we were going in a bike. Then suddenly a bus just pushed the bike forward and we lost our balance and went sliding through the paved road. We both fell down from the bike. For that sudden moment I just went blank. All I can recall is that the bus tire just went right beside my head. If I had slipped a little more further my head would be just crushed by that tire. It still gives me goosebumps when i remember that incident. I got wounds on my hands and legs. But thank god there was no major injuries to both of us.

Then the day after when I was bed resting I recalled the words of the witch doctor. It was so clear in my head that for a moment I thought she was here in front of me. A cold spine just went through my whole body as I remembered those worlds in a creepy voice. I didn’t knew if it was just a normal accident or because of the spirit but somehow all the word of the witch doctor and that incident was pretty much the same. As much as I didn’t wanted to believe this, there was a place in my mind deep down telling me to accept it. Till I was 14 I got may injuries but none of them was that serious. As the witch doctor had told me it would leave me after I am 14 years I hope it has left and would never come back.