I live in a weird world 🌎

My definition of the world we live is weird..

Eyes don’t shine unless their something burning right behind.

I believe i live in a world where everything is for money, fame , or either of some benefit.

Doesn’t happiness count???

I believe the best way to solve any problem is smile.You just have to be kind enough.Kindness is our soul.Whether you are a person who believes in bigbang theory or Gods creation.We all are Gods kids.A baby is always innocent πŸ˜‡.It has a soul of kindness.Why compare if you feel bad?

You need to know everyone is the hero in their own story.

Have you ever tried to be kind??Just like helping someone without expecting anything.If you haven’t then let me tell you that’s the best feeling ever .Happiness doesn’t mean having party,a lot of friends,gifts,chocolates ,good marks ,talent .Do you know when you truly get happy it’s when you start to love yourself.All you need to be happy is love ,that also of not others but yourself.

You know why I wrote this because I feel happy when I write πŸ’