When I saw him

Still the summer night I fell for him is so clear to me as if it was just yesterday….

Camp 2016 , Wearing the pink coats I started my camp .It was an organization camp and only teenagers were allowed to go.My mom being the part of that organization, i was compelled to go.However,I wasn’t happy about the camp as none of my friends were going I was so upset about the trip that I didn’t pack my bag. We reached our destination by bus .It was not exactly a forest but kind of woods near a hotel probably for our safety. By night I some how made some friends.We ate our dinner and arranged our camps,and started to bonfire and dance around fire.I felt finally happy for going to the trip.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I felt exhausted by dancing so I decided to take a break.I went towards the camps my hands were all cold and my cheeks too hot due to the bonfire .I was smuging my cheeks .I was at a distance from bonfire but not too far I still sould see the fire and everyone then i saw him through the flames.His deep brown chocolate like eyes with the look which can drop your jaws .How can I never notice such a beautiful creature in bus??? I asked to myself I was so busy admiring him with my stupid thoughts then I realized I was starting him and he just saw.What would he think of me?God why so stupid? I asked to myself then I realized he smiled to me and that smile was enough for me to act like a fool again .I waved my hand at him and he came next to me.

My heartbeat so loud I swear to God he heard that but then he came and smiled at me and began to talk ,I still remember his first word “Why??” I just chuckled to myself not understanding what he wanted to say then I smiled to him.Maybe he understood that I didn’t get what he was saying so he told me ,”Why??Such a beautiful girl like you not dancing!!” I turned my face so that he wouldn’t see my face and stupid me again asked him ,”did you just me beautiful??” He smiled at me and nodded then we talked about many things.Time flew so fast , it was morning 5 am and we were talking like love fools .I didn’t know how did i get so lucky to see him…

To be continued….


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