The angel that I love

Is love at first sight possible? In my case it was. I still remember that cold winter night when I was coming home from work. It was around 9:30pm when I was riding my bike at the speed of about 80 km/hr and I nearly hit a girl. While trying not to hit the girl I got into a seriously bad accident. I was taken to the hospital and when I woke up I saw an unfamiliar face sitting next to me. It was a face I had never seen before but it was also a face of an angel. She was so beautiful that I thought I was in heaven and I’m dead. But fortunately I was not dead and that girl was a real person. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. When the police came at the hospital, she told them that it was not my fault and took the blame for not watching while crossing the road in the dark. At that moment I thought, “how can a person be so beautiful and kind?” I knew at that moment that I had fell in love with her. I was in the hospital for about 3 weeks and she came to visit me everyday. We became good friends and then one day we exchanged our phone numbers. We talked to each other all day and night. After I got all better we had lunch together, we went to watch movies and we even went to Mustang for a long vacation. We were like a couple and one day I asked her what she thinks about love? Her answer shook me saying that she doesn’t have time for love. I felt dead inside and decided to make her fall for me. After a few months she usually said that she was busy with work and couldn’t meet me. I decided to go to her house. When I got there she was leaving in her car for I thought work. I followed her and she stopped her car infront of a hospital. She went up and I followed her there too. She went to meet a doctor and after she left I also met with the same doctor. I asked the doctor if she was sick or anything and his reply to my question droped me down on my knees. The doctor told me that she was suffering from cancer and that she doesn’t have many day left to live. When I met her I pretended not to know about her cancer and act completely normal around her. After few weeks, through a letter she told me that she had cancer and that she loved me. As I read the letter, tears rolled down from my eyes and I ran to her house. I hugged her really tight and we both cried while confessing our love to each other. I told her that I wanted to be with her until her last breath and that I want her to marry her. She accepted my proposal and the next day we did a court marriage without anyone knowing. As time went by, it was time for us to say goodbye. I held her in my arms and cried as her heart stopped beating. It was the last time I talked to her and now I really miss her. Till today I haven’t got married to another woman and am raising an orphan giving that child her name. Looking at that child now reminds me of the love and bond that we shared. I just want to say to her that I miss her and today also I love her the same way I did years ago. I hope she watches as our daughter grows to become a fine woman in the future and gives her blessing to our child.


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