The bus stop beauty

Do you guys remember your first crush? I remember mine really clearly. It was way back in the days when I didn’t know what love means and what romance meant in one’s life. I still don’t know what love means though. I was in like maybe class 6 when I met my first crush. It was when I was going to school by bus and she came and sat next to me. She was really beautiful, sweet and attractive. Since childhood I never had any problem to approach a girl, so I went and just cooly said hello. Clearly she was a new student since I had never seen her before, so I asked her her name, class and things like that. It turned out that she was junior to me by 2 years but I didn’t care. As time went by we became close and started sharing secrets. One day I asked her if she liked anybody and she said that she didn’t like anyone. Then I started taking names of boys of her class and at the end I directly asked, “what about me?”. She thought I was joking because I used to say that I love her many times. I felt sad and decided to change my school because I wanted to forget about her. So I changed my school and I stopped talking to her. I ignored all her messages and later she stopped texting me. We didn’t talk for almost 5 years and now just recently she approached me and gave me some chocolates. Being polite, I asked her if it was her birthday as if I don’t remember her birthday and she just ran back home. I was a bit annoyed. After a few days I had a sweater delivered at my doorsteps and I wondered who might have sent it. So the next day I wore the sweater and went to the bus stop. Then I see that, the girl is wearing the same sweater that I was wearing. I didn’t say anything to her and after a few weeks, she proposed to me. Even though I thought I had moved on, I guess you never stop loving your first crush. I felt really happy at that moment and I still haven’t replied to her proposal but I guess I’ll just accept it.