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This is a typical romantic story about a guy who falls in love with a girl and gets dumped for no reason. Most guys can relate to my story. The most amazing thing is that, the pathetic guy that I’m talking about is me. I am an average guy with no super powers or any special talents. I’ve dated many girls in my 17 years of living and the reason that I get dumped is mostly “my parents found out about us so let’s break up” or “I love you but I don’t want to stay in a relationship” but thank god no one has even told me “let’s break up because I like your friend”. I mean that would be hilarious, wont it? Guys can relate to what I’m trying to say.

Amongst my many relationships once I had a rare style of getting dumped. I was in a relationship with that girl for almost 2 years. Even my family knew about us and then suddenly one day she said “let’s break up”. I coolly said okay but in the end, she said to wait for her and that she’ll come back to me one day and that she loved me. What the hell was I supposed to do, wait for her? And why the hell she is dumping me if she wants to get back together? Even after all that I said okay and decided to wait for her. Only after a few days, I received a text from that exact same girl saying that she wants to get back together. I was like “what the hell is wrong with this girl? Not even a week has passed.” and texted back saying, “Go to hell. I’m done with you. It’s over.”  From that moment onwards I swore never to get dumped ever again by a girl that lame ever again. I still remember, to date her I had to break up with a girl that I still regret losing. I still want to apologize to that girl for what I did to her.

Now I want to say this to all guys. Getting dumped isn’t a bad thing. I mean it is bad but dumping a girl is worse than getting dumped by a girl. Guys stay strong and suicide is not an option. I wouldn’t say it’s cowardly because ending one’s life takes a lot of courage but don’t do it. Getting dumped simply means she doesn’t deserve you in her life. I mean come on, in the world we are living in, the number of women are way more than the number of men. So eventually, you’ll find the right women. So don’t even think of committing suicide because you got dumped by a girl. Live young, wild and free guys. #saynotosuicide

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