A Rain to Remember

One rainy day I was returning home from my usual college. I got off from the bus and started heading home, even though it was raining heavily. my house was about 15 min away from my bus stop so I thought to stop under a shed until the rain stops. I waited there for about 5 min but mother nature was in no mood to stop.She was just pouring like she wanted to tell everyone about her grief and pain. So I started to head towards my home even though I was completely washed away from the rain. I was sure that I would get sick the day after, But suddenly an umbrella came from behind and completely covered me. I turned half way and there was a beautiful girl, holding the umbrella for me. The moment just freezes in just after I saw her cause she was so beautiful that I could watch her for hours and don’t even get bored. Then reality hits and I was like DO I KNOW YOU ? She said No, but i thought that you could use an umbrella. Thank you ;I replied. I was so determined to know her name and start a conversation but none word came out of my mouth. She was also silent and we were just awkwardly walking together under a same umbrella. Then out of nowhere she asked; where do you live ? Just around the next turn; I replied. The I asked her name and the conservation started. Mainly I was asking question and she was replying. We had our little pep talk and I was so desperate to know her better and go out with her. As we were talking, there came a two way and I came to know that we had to go our separate ways. By this time the rain had no sign to cool down but my house was just 30 sec away. I thanked her and asked; Can we catch up again sometimes after. If destiny wants then we will surely meet again; She replied and left. I was speechless cause I had no answer for that. Its been 6 months since that day and I can’t even forget about her…….

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