Mero Katha

Confession website? So m i supposed to write about crush and love?

are they the only topic to be discussed about ?

I m here to talk about harrasement

He is my mother’s maternal uncle my gradfather. Guess what? he is an retire indian army, holds  post in UNICEF ( i dont know what post) and also he works as a lawyer.

but i don’t think he has studied law. He always tries to touch here and there. And m not only the victim my aunt, big mother are also. I don’t know why but everyone are silent so m also told to do so. i m suggested to run way whenever he comes near to me

Not only him his 3 sons are also same always tryin to touch here and there . I even told that grandfathers big daughter in law bt she wasnt ready to accept it

Big brother (same grand fathers son’s big son) is the most dangerous

he is the one who i m most uncomfortable with he always says you have become so fat and touches   everywhere

I wanted you to say that Please knowingly or unknowingly dont make any girl feel uncomfortable Just because she is silent doesn’t mean you have that right to do whatever you want

please respect girls and take care of your sisters mothers wife ans friends

There are many evils in this society who are doing wrong

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