Nights – Then and Now

As an Insomniac, There were the moments when i used to love this time, especially the time between 1-4 a m. I could understand this silence, I could feel the soul, that sound ringing in my nerves, cool breeze whispering through my ear and i used to enjoy it. I am like,there can’t be a happy moment like this. And During daytime, I used to wait for the sunset, for the night to come. i used to adore the late night meditations. oh, that used to give me the cosmic pleasure .!!

Now, Things has been changed and I don’t know why. This silence hunts me. the sound i hear in my nerves bothers me as hell. i can’t concentrate. There’s someone always in my head. Sometimes I can feel him in my walls, Whispering softly . I feel like talking but i am afraid. Sometimes there is someone knocking my door at midnight, That scares me as hell. That morning headche and terrible back pain, oh its eating me slowly,day by day !!



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