So it’s actually hostel days memory that i am going to share today.

Actually me and my other two idiots friends were playing ludo during the study time in study class .Actually the ludo we were playing wasn’t any sort of real ludo it was a ludo from maths book which we borrowed from a three class girl.

We were playing ludo with eraser as dice which we rolled on top of maths book ludo picture 😂😂😂

And then we were making lots of noise .Then our hstl sir caught us and we were punished.

He told us not to go in our dometry (rooms) and study class.So the only place left was toilet 🚽 lol seriously we spent 2hrs there 😂..

Then we got bored and went towards our shoe racks .We were like 60-70 students staying there .So imagine how many shoes we had..Our uniform shoe was black and it was compulsory for us to polish shoe every weekend.It was the most followed rule in hstl.So we three didn’t had any work so we started polishing our shoe .And my chutiya frends and I didn’t have polish also 😂😂😂( Actually polish was only brought by obedient students in hstl which me and my friends didn’t belong to that category)

We used to ask others for polish but at that time we were not allowed to go anywhere so we saw a new polish on shoe rack and started to polish our shoes.We were not allowed to enter anywhere so we had no work to do we got so bored that we polished all the shoes on the shoe rack 😂😂😂😂 ( Imagine how much bored we were)

lol this is a small part of memory of my hstl life

PS: I still don’t know whose polish that was it’s still a mystery

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