Dog is that living creature whom you can trust blindly,badly, madly, whatever..
Trust me, dogs will never break your trust or heart. They are loyal creature.
That’s the reason “I LOVE DOGS”..

Since I m a dog lover, I wanted to have a dog.My mom too loves dog but the problem is my dad doesnt.. I was like 9 years old. I soo wanted to adopt a dog. I told it to to my mom. Firstly,she told me thats impossible because dad is not not gonna like it. But I convienced my mom. She told it to dad. But……Dad didnt agree. Then my mom somehow managed.After somedays… my dad bought a puppy(cute puppy) and brought it to my house. It was a boy (Japanese Spitz). He was white in colour, fluffy…. I just cant explain how happy I was that day..

It was I guess 15th Febraury. We planned to name the dog “Puntu”. He was part of my family. He was loved by everyone.Even my dad loved him so much. He used to run so sweetly….My mom and I used to play with him all day. I used to take him to walk every evening. It was really fun. He was growing day by day. He became more cute dat by day…

Like every evening we went for a walk. I never tied him with belt. My dad was talking to my neighbours and I was with Puntu. My dad told me to bring water. So i went and brought a bottle of water. Dad was busy talking to neighbours and just when I reached there Puntuuuu………….. died..The car hit him. I just reached there and he died.


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