Life goes on

It is my story about 2 years ago…Malai chai relationship jaasto kura ma matlab thyena..Ma ananda le basira thye anii ek din earthquake anii sabaii manxe haruu ghar baira basirakhe thiye tespaxiii earthquake rokio aniii ma snga ek jana kta bolna ayo anii ma vane rosebud ma padhthye ni ta anii tyo kta le chaii maile tmlaii dekhe thye scul ma paila bla bla bla vanna thalyo aniii ekdam close huna thalyo paxiii 3 mothns paxii 9 July ma tyo kta malai vetna banera baneshwor bata kirtipur cycle ma bihana bihana ayo tyo dekhera ma ekdam impressed vayisakeko thyo lik malaii ni butterfly haru auna lai sakeko thyo tespaxii tyo kta le ma arko din ni auxu vetna vanyo..

Ani it was 10 july, most memorable day of my life..he was there waiting for me anii ma gaye aniii i was waiting for my bus too ani we talked so much..tespaxii k vo thaxa mero bus ayo…ani i huged him nd he proposed nd i said funny hae…i fell in luv wid him very deeply paxii he had to go to his hostel so hamii facebook bata ani kaile kaii chaii call garera bolne garthyo..ani we were doing good…sabaii kura vanne garthyo usle..i thought our relationship would last longer but paxi after 2 months i guess we broke up..tears came from my eyes ..

Actually k vako vanda kheriiii malaii ta keii tha thyena hae i was happy ani ekkasii he told me dat he wants brkup nd i was likk omg noooo i luved him so much nd he jst brkup with me…ani paxii found out dat the reason behind he gave me brkup was dat usko arko gf ni thyo nd i couldnot believe it for a second..paxii he hinself came to talk to me anii he said everythng nd i knew dat he was also lik every other who jst plays wid other feelings..nd i did forgive him..anii paxii again he came kirtipur to meet me anii we became gud frns nd m glad dat we r still frns..Maile k thapaye thaxa dat yo teenage ma love vanne jst an attraction ho..yo teenage ma brkup, patchup, ta vayirakhxa but life still goes on nd we should learn it happily.!!

That’s of my memorable day went lik dis nd i guess some of u also hav a story lik of mine bt remeber life goes on nd we should learn to it happily.!!

I wanna share to all the womans, daughters dat if u r broken den tapaii haruuu hurt vayera basnu pardaina cuz life still goes on..malaii nii ekdam hurt vako thyo bt i handled myself..there are many peoples who are always wid u nd luvs u alot..u dont need cry for d ones who doesnt respect ur feelings nd also doesnt respect .

We still got many things in our life so guys always stay happy nd cool. Do d thngs u luv..Nobodys gonna stop u to do dat.!!
Thanku nd stay happy..all love 😀